Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tonight's customers

are talking about the provincial budget. I'd read on Vero's blog that it's dayjob time for artists (nightjob in my case), but I suspect recession might be good for the taxi business: it will promote drinking.

We're dining at the Superior, on my sister's birthday. We've had:
Some lovely cheeses (moonstruck white grace, little qualicum raclette, truffled chevre)
Goat cheese and roasted beet terrine
Steak frites
Sablefish with apple kimchee slaw and sweet and sour cabbage
Quadra island mussels
Bocconcini/basil flatbread
Some other little noches

This afternoon Matt Savage (The Vic Chic) came by with his Rolleiflex:

-- Post From Taxi

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Rabenschwarz said...

your artworks are totally great.