Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Techromancer features Callianne Bachman, who I once had a huge crush on, and who I later considered my rock n roll rival. Her band opened at my first show. I miss Brides of the Collegiate. We were only a band for one week, but it felt epic. I have recordings of our performance. They take me back. But I digress!

I'm stoked on Techromancer's sound. Calli has a good voice and great style. She changed outfits with every track.

I've always known I was at a hype show when I've seen Calli there. I remember seeing Broken Social Scene for the first time, we stood side by side pressed to the front of the stage, and never made eye contact. That's pretty much how we get along. Check her band. It's going to be hot.


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montezuma said...

techromancer are my favorite new local band too!!!@!

montezuma said...

they are my fav new local band too!!