Saturday, February 28, 2009

Appearances are not always what they seem...

Natasha engaged me to chauffeur her to a going away party for our mutual friend. I stayed long enough to snap this photo, and to be advised that I ought to write a play about the life of Jacques Brel in which I play the lead. It sounded plausible...

Later, K. called: he'd been dueling with wooden swords and had proven his mettle to merit being given a razor sharp Wakizashi. I hastened to pick him up; I did not think it wise that he walk through the downtown neighborhoods with such a weapon.

Later still, a German complemented my driving:
"So precise. We have people like you where I'm from."

I discovered tonight that I share a birthday with author Neil Gaiman. Thank you, Sandman liner notes.

-- Post From Taxi


Natasha Enquist said...

Was I the German that told you that???
It's true, I felt safe being in your taxi cab. Thank you for escorting me to the party :)

Ish said...

You are cooler for the shared birthday.