Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Pump Up The Volume was one of my favorite movies of the early 90s, and played an important role in the development of my adolescent music taste/attitude(/sexuality). Christian Slater plays a giant nerd/secret-DJ who operates a pirate radio station from his parent's basement. He ends up getting chased by the FCC for rousing the suburban-teenage rabble: by loading the transmitter into a Jeep and driving around the city 'Hard Harry' evades the detection vans, broadcasting his earnest, subversive, anti-establishment messages the whole time. There's a lot of teen angst, mix tapes, 90s style, a meaningful soundtrack and a significant scene where Samantha Mathis shows her boobs. 

If you think about it, pirate radio stations were like proto-blogs of the early 90s, before Internet really "caught on." Imagine the movies they're going to make in the early 2k10s about mnstrm basketball players/secret-Internet celebrities who write music blogs on their macbooks (in their parent's basement), wagging the dog of the Internet meme-osphere and being chased by copyright lawyers. 

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Ish said...

This + Heathers would be a good double feature.