Thursday, February 12, 2009

Surf Zombies

I was two hours late for work today because of surf zombies.

I'd suspected lately that surfing had elements of a superhero fantasy. Consider this:
-form fitting rubber suits
-high tech weaponry
-specialized vehicles
-feats of strength, fitness, co-ordination and endurance
-dedicated vigilance and teamwork
But the subject of surf zombies had not crossed mind until today. I'm not sure who first mentioned it, but sitting out in the lineup I formed a distinct impression of wacking surf zombies with my fins on each cutback. I imagined the spray was surf zombie brains being splattered out the back of the wave...

I took a long break from cabbing this evening for stir fry with friends, so I wasn't far in the black by 12:30am. Close to calling it a night, a trip came in from Pepper's by the bay. Two young fellows, both with braces and the odor of cheap booze, were going to Denny's. It turned out they were from my home town. When we reached the Denny's I saw one of them pull a four foot bong from under his sweater. They rounded the corner of the building...

I proceeded downtown, where I snapped this photo of my friend Mel in a lovely spade-print dress:

-- Post From Taxi

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