Saturday, February 28, 2009


This photo was taken in my neighborhood on the way home to drink a cold local brew. As we passed Fan Tan alley a crusty hipster complemented my style. 

The coat I picked-up at H&M in Berlin, the scarf is an ancient benetton, nudie jeans (via Iain), an old paul & shark sweater, serengeti sunglasses, and shoes from a homeless man who'd found them at the carwarsh (beautiful, brand new handmade Italian).

Reblogged from The Vic Chic. 

Thanks Matt, nice lighting.

Appearances are not always what they seem...

Natasha engaged me to chauffeur her to a going away party for our mutual friend. I stayed long enough to snap this photo, and to be advised that I ought to write a play about the life of Jacques Brel in which I play the lead. It sounded plausible...

Later, K. called: he'd been dueling with wooden swords and had proven his mettle to merit being given a razor sharp Wakizashi. I hastened to pick him up; I did not think it wise that he walk through the downtown neighborhoods with such a weapon.

Later still, a German complemented my driving:
"So precise. We have people like you where I'm from."

I discovered tonight that I share a birthday with author Neil Gaiman. Thank you, Sandman liner notes.

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Orlov-Sokolovs

By Ludmila Ultiskaya

From the New Yorker, April 18, 2005
via Wyatt Mason in Harper's

Click here.

I love the New Yorker in a way only a precocious boy raised in a small logging town can, and have hoarded back issues since I was old enough to read the comics.

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Rodney Graham

Rodney Graham
The Gifted Amateur, Nov 10th, 1962
3 painted aluminum lightboxes with transmounted chromogenic transparencies
102 x 220 x 7 inches overall

I'll spare you the details, but go see for yourself.
I first saw several of Graham's vivid, too-perfect lightboxes on a recent visit to Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin, and without knowing anything about the artist thought, "hey that's Vancouver!" I'd visited the gallery late in the day and was moving quickly to cover the whole basement before closing, but I repeated the name Rodney Graham to myself as I finished my tour, being sure to write it in my journal once back at bag-check. Next to it I wrote, "from Vancouver?"

image via 303 gallery.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

my tailor

(250) 590-8955

Alters suits good.

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...sure enough, moments later it began to rain.

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"If I can recommend one thing to people in life it's read Harper's. They don't miss a beat."

via a well read gentleman in the Taxi

Heather (with cookie)

Heather was going to force feed this cookie to an underweight ballet dancer.

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Friday, February 20, 2009

The Iceclimbers

rock. So fun. Also, Techromancer is my new favorite local band, but I already blogged abt them. Srsly though they totally kick ass. Here's pictures of the Iceclimbers:

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

start the trend already!

We were discussing her ruined Gucci purse and the inappropriateness of fleece onesies when the georgeous blonde in the cab says, "I have a catsuit from 1994 that I can never get rid of. It's halter, with a deep V. One day I'm going to bring back the cat suit."
Me: "Can it be, like, tomorrow?"

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This pretty lady blogs at tatwamasi


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Ain't nothin gonna

break my stride.

I'm posting this video for the epic style cues and dance moves.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tonight's customers

are talking about the provincial budget. I'd read on Vero's blog that it's dayjob time for artists (nightjob in my case), but I suspect recession might be good for the taxi business: it will promote drinking.

We're dining at the Superior, on my sister's birthday. We've had:
Some lovely cheeses (moonstruck white grace, little qualicum raclette, truffled chevre)
Goat cheese and roasted beet terrine
Steak frites
Sablefish with apple kimchee slaw and sweet and sour cabbage
Quadra island mussels
Bocconcini/basil flatbread
Some other little noches

This afternoon Matt Savage (The Vic Chic) came by with his Rolleiflex:

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Science World (Part I)

Science World (Part II)

Slightly obsessed with QuadCamera lately.
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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Haiku: American Form

Play action delay/
Cut yellow ribbon/
Watch stream run on through gravel.

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