Friday, March 20, 2009

Type'N Write

Last week I aquired a Hermes Baby portable typewriter as a gift for Ish. I'm giving it to her on the condition that she write me a story.

Wednesday evening I was driving in the taxi down Quadra street when I spotted a tiny typewriter shop tucked-in behind San Remo market. I made a mental note to take the Hermes in to be cleaned and oiled.

The lady behind the counter was effusive. There was a gleam in her eye as she lovingly inspected the machine. She showed me a clipping on the wall from the Globe & Mail, a photo of the shop owner with an identical Hermes Baby. "Every machine that comes through the door has it's own personality."
"You should blog them," I quipped.

She cooed over the Baby as if it were flesh and blood. Carefully she hand wrote the make and serial number on a carbon copy claim slip. She joked that she was going to take the Baby home with her. "Just be sure to give me that claim slip," I said.

In the front window of the shop was a refurbished Brother Charger (like the car). Now that's a sweet machine.

Type'N Write Shop
2713 Quadra st

-- Post From Taxi