Sunday, March 1, 2009

FML: epilogue

The good news is I've moved-in the furniture that will fit up the stairs. The bad news is that doesn't include my leather couch or chairs.

Now that the disruption is past (and the lifting mostly over) I can look forward to joyously re-organizing my space. My idea is to do the living area like a bedouin tent with mats, cushions and a low table. My people once wandered the desert for fourty years, and have been scattered across the globe for the last two thousand; being semi-nomadic should come easily.

As I was about to leave for work this evening a georgeous sunbeam came bursting through the rear windows casting a glow on the kitchen. It reminded me that I work mostly in darkness.

J&K: apologies for the frantic four-AM call/txts re: "please please don't leave town with my laptop power cord." I admit, I panicked, but in my defense four-AM for me is like six-PM for normal people.

-- Post From Taxi

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