Wednesday, March 18, 2009


There's an intersting discussion about radical ideology in children's literature on the CBC, but the guest host Evan Solomon keeps pronouncing it LIT-A-TURE! It's driving me crazy!! It's four syllables!! Twitter this you twit!

-- Post From Taxi

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Anonymous said...

I believe literature is always ideological-whether parents know best but little problems can always be solved nonsense a la Scholastic books, or children empowered like the Wizard of Oz, or children as victims like Beth in Little women, or even heroes channeling parents like Harry Potter or as agents debunking Chrstianity like Phillip Pullman (try for a laugh). I don't think literature can be ideologically neutral and literature. I think this commentator means that once in a while children's literature challenges dominant views of children or society. Makes them appear as something more than things to be marketed to, or even marketed themselves in ads and adoptions.