Wednesday, March 18, 2009

F(r)ee Advice

I just had a team of business students from Concordia in the cab. I grilled them on the competition they were taking part in at Royal Roads and did my best to glean some advice from this crack team of consultants (my captive audience).

It was like an improptu twenty minute meeting, but I did most of the talking. The students had a few things to say: the best idea was to print business cards with the blog URL to generate more traffic. More traffic=closer to monetization (I want sexy Am Appy ads like Hipster Runoff)!

They found my idea of selling bamboo digiridoos from a web store laughable; they were going to pitch it to their mock-client if it turned out they didn't like their business.

"Enjoy the free advice," they said. "Free?" I replied, "are you kidding? You're paying me!"

-- Post From Taxi

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