Sunday, March 1, 2009


...from the moment I checked my Facebook messages this morning to this very minute as I sit in my now bare and humble apartment, listening to the squawks of early morning seagulls. To summarize the shittiness:

As part of the wonderful experience of subletting, my apartment was releaved of all it's furniture today. Bye bye kitchen table, so long waste baskets, shower curtain and clothes racks, adiĆ³s daybed, coffee table, dresser, mirrors, towel racks, couch, stereo, nightstand, yadda yadda, etc, etc..

I knew this was coming, but after having been settled amidst my friends' things for a month and a half it was slightly upsetting. They did leave me the desk, for which I'm grateful. I have plenty of furniture of my own to replace it all, mind you, but it's like moving all over again and I HATE moving. I have to move again in two months, supposedly to a place that's furnished. Fuck my life (to borrow a phrase).

And then I went to work... the dispatch computer in the taxi refused to operate tonight, and by nine was completely blank-screen dead. It felt like being blind, and I spent the first seven hours of the night not making any money. Numerous old cabbies fiddled with the buttons and wires. "Nope, it's not working," they said. I did fine business once the bars got going, but overall the night was a massive pain in the ass.

The icing on the cake was to return home at four in the morning to find that the power cord for my laptop was taken away along with the furniture. This was truly crushing. Of all the objects to mistakenly remove, this is the one that most seriously affects my ability to cope.

Fuck My Life. Someone come get drunk with me Sunday night. I'll be at the Mint around midnight.

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Veronicahhh said...

poor noah! when you think life is tough please remember the awful things I would do to have your lovely apartment.

Noah Ferguson said...

Then maybe you should come help me figure out how to redecorate, given this now mostly blank, lovely space.