Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Joaquin Phoenix

I don't watch the TV, but I would have loved to tune-in to Joaquin Phoenix's February 11th interview on Letterman. It was about as de-constructed as TV gets. Take that Letterman, yall got worked by a sly MC in Tom Ford frames.

This is how I'll be dressed the next time I stage a nervous breakdown. It reminds me of the time I wore Armani to a meeting where I was fired. I called it, "dressing up for my dressing down." I enjoyed the experience tremendously, having worked hard over several months to engineer my dismissal, and can only hope that one day I get canned in even higher style. Joaquin will be my inspiration when that shit goes down.

1 comment:

Ish said...

Every man who can grow a beard like that ought to.

He must be having so much fun screwing with people.