Monday, June 22, 2009

Wreck Beach Butoh diary

Unwinding on the VAG café terrace after rehearsal, enjoying a tall G+T... Knackr'd.

PS what the fuck Granville street? I thought cities were supposed to have "concerte sidewalks." Yr getting my kicks dusty.

PPS Gotta find a watering hole closer to Harbour dance. VAG has annoying live music afternoons.

BONUS GPOYM: H&M dressing room edition.

New shorts. Yes I feel like a dork posting this. Had to run for the ferry and forgot to transfer shorts from my suitcase.

-- Post From Vancouver

1 comment:

Ish said...

Oh my god, nudie picture, you kill me. I can't believe those are your dancing shorts.

I keep sayin', the best watering hole is Cafe Crepe. Cheapest cocktails in Vancouver, and it's closer.