Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Liveblogging the AGO

After more than six hours exlopring the collections I've finally retired to the bar for a restorative G&T. The AGO is humongous. I thought I was through an hour ago, but it turned out I'd missed a fair amount of the main floor, including important works. I doubled back to cover these exhibits. I was impressed with the exhibit of Cologne dadaists/the stupid group, and especially enjoyed a special exhibit of prints by Inuit women on display in the print and drawing study room on Wednesday evenings. I also haven't yet had a chance to go through either the Inuit visible storage or the Grange annex. Tampis, next time.

I'm especially impressed with the various collections of Inuit prints and carvings found throughout the museum. I once took a course on Inuit art at UVic. I found it particularly compelling, and so now am drawn to this work; I feel that I understand it to some degree. The recent seal meat controversy has only served to heighten my interest.

On a tangental note, I'm returning to Victoria tomorrow, and will be hanging a series of photographs by myself and Matt Savage at the Cook Street Village Food Court. The photos feature our friends Brazley, Skott and Meagan modelling fashion designs by Kim Krempien. The opening will be on Friday from 4-6, please come.

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