Saturday, November 14, 2009

back on the horse

Picked up a tweaked old prostitue from an address on Pandora, going to Esquimalt. She was asking all sorts of awkward personal questions. We're waiting for the John to come down and pay the fare:

"You like horses?"
"They're alright."
"You ski?"
"Ya I used to go to Mt. Washington."
"I'm into rodeos."
"I went to the rodeo in Coombs once."
"These damn GPS machines are a load of shit."

The John arrives. He rounds up 20 cents.
"If it was me I'd tip you better."
"Have a good night sir.
"Oh yeah," he says with a leer.

-- Post From Taxi

1 comment:

Kimmy said...

Thats real.
I always wanted to know what johns looked like. Do they have distinguishing characteristics ? Could you look at a guy on the street and be like yea he is/ could/was a john. Or could it really be any man?

P.S Go Rodeos !